Piano Tuner Newcastle

Piano Tuning, Regulation and Repairs.

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Piano tuning in Newcastle, the Hunter Valley, Nelson Bay and the Central Coast regions.

Piano Tuner Newcastle

Ian Brown has been tuning and servicing pianos in the Newcastle, Hunter Valley, Nelson Bay and Central Coast regions since 2011. He completed formal music training at the Conservatorium of Music in Sydney, being a student of the piano since the age of 6 and a keen observer of the piano tuning process.

Ian has previously worked as a piano tuner for piano stores in Sydney but has since moved his attention to focus on attending to the tuning needs of local pianists and teachers.

As well as piano tuning for homes and concerts, he assists churches, schools and music teachers, recognising their unique needs. Ian is a participant in events organised by the Australian Piano Tuners and Technicians Association.

Piano Tuner Newcastle

Piano Tuning

Piano tuning involves adjusting the tension of the more than 220+ strings inside a piano. Over time, a variety of factors including changes in temperature, humidity and hammer impact from playing change the pitch of the strings. A standard piano tuning takes between an hour and a half to two hours.

Piano Tuner Newcastle

Piano Regulation

Over time, through playing, the piano's action parts compress and move out of alignment. Regulation involves returning the piano to its most playable state. It includes adjusting the height of the keys, setting the hammer-throw distance, equalising the touch and balancing the tone.

Piano Tuner Newcastle

Piano Repairs

Pianos have many thousands of different parts, all working together to make music. Like any instrument that ages, parts can break or fail. Some of the most common problems can include keys sticking or not repeating, buzzes and rattles, broken strings or foreign items falling into the piano.


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